System Audit Professional Service

System Audit and Best Practices Guide


Sansay’s System Audit and Best Practices Guide is a service to elevate systems operational health, performance, security and resilience. As part of this audit, Sansay will review aspects related to system scalability, inefficiencies in configuration, security compliance, DDoS protection, disaster recovery, redundancy, fraud and more.


Here are some specific benefits to running security audits.

  • Understand your systems capabilities and scalability path.

  • Improve or verify your resilience strategy.

  • Reduce and prevent security and fraud risks.

  • Increase performance by implementing best practices.

  • Uncover and eliminate potential bottlenecks.

  • Harden system security and DDoS protection.


Audit and Best Practices List


System Health Check and Review

  • Hardware and/or virtual machine assessment

  • Software version

  • Performance assessment (CPU load, memory, disk)

  • Bottleneck prevention

  • Feature support checklist

  • Future growth assessment

Redundancy and Survivability

  • High availability

  • Disaster recovery

  • Networking

  • DDoS prevention and mitigation

  • Data backup strategy

Configuration Best Practices

  • Route tables and routes

  • Resources

  • Digit mapping tables

  • SIP profiles

  • SMC

  • Monitoring

  • Provisioning changes


  • Secure and insecure protocols security review

  • External access

  • Network discovery

  • SIP DDoS audit

Numbering and Routing Strategy

  • Fraud assessment (Domestic and International)

  • Traffic grooming

  • Number normalization

  • LNP routing

  • LCR evaluation


  • Review of CDRs and system logs

  • External monitoring for one week

  • Remote access to systems for network security scans


  • Audit and best practices document

  • List of action items to complete

  • Network diagrams (now vs future)

  • Meeting to review results

Pricing and Discounts

The price of a Sansay Audit and Best Practices Guide is $4800. The audit covers all systems licensed by Sansay whether they are appliance or virtual machines (private or public cloud).

Eligible purchases that exceed $25000 qualify for a credit not greater than $4800. This credit can be used toward the purchase of new hardware, software licenses or new services. Credit expires 90 days after audit delivery.

Getting Started

Please complete our request form: We will be in touch with you within two business days confirming the schedule and any special requests. Audits will be completed on a first come first serve basis. For additional information please contact Carlos Perez,

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