VMWare Quick Start Guide

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This document is intended to assist you with deploying and basic configuration of your virtualized Sansay product within the VMWare® ESXi hypervisor. This document assumes that you are already familiar with VMWare® ESXi and that the hypervisor is configured and running on suitable hardware.

  • Stand-alone systems:
    • A public interface with a static IP.
    • Optional: private interface with static IP.
  • HA systems:
    • A public interface with a static IP.
    • A private interface with a static IP.
    • A floating/virtual IP for each interface. This IP address will be shared across 2 VMs.

Prefer to refer to Sansay's VM Sizing Guide for the minimum CPU, memory and storage requirements.

1.Under Virtual Machines, create a new VM by clicking Create / Register VM.

2.In the pop-up window select “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVS file”.

3. Enter a name for the instance and navigate to the ova file provided by Sansay Support.

4. Select the datastore where the instance will reside.5.Select the desired network.

 6. Verify your instance configuration and click Finish.

 Once the instance has been provisioned successfully you will see task statuses, in your Recent tasks window,similar to the ones below.

With the instance provisioning completed the next step is to complete the network interface configuration.

Where applicable (HA systems) or desired (non-HA) you will need to add a second interface.

1. Power off the instance.

2. Edit the instance settings.

3. In the pop-up window, click “Add network adapter”.

4. Add your second Network Adapter and save the new configuration.

5. Power on the VM

6. Login to the instance, as netconf, using the ESXi console. (SansayRocks! is the password)

7. Run set_net.sh, to configure the network interfaces.

8. Once the interfaces have been configured, reboot the system. You should now be able to log into the VSXi GUI as “superuser / sansay” by navigating to https://$IPADDR>:8888

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