When deploying STIR/SHAKEN, adding a new vendor or making changes to your network you might want to know if your calls are being delivered properly using STIR/SHAKEN.

One approach is to verify your own calls using STI-VS where the call ends on your network. Another approach is to use the real-world phone network to confirm how is your call being perceived by other Service Providers.

Please note that STIR/SHAKEN is sensitive to the specific path a call takes. While results are becoming more accurate as the standards have more coverage, transit providers may drop STIR/SHAKEN signatures and re-sign it. When the test does not yield the expected results please work with your downstream carriers. If you are a Sansay CA customer, we are here to assist you as well.


Sansay's STIR/SHAKEN Test Number +18587539040 provides you with the following details when placing a call:

  • Test validation results: Validation Pass, Validation Failed or No Validation.
  • Attestation level results: A, B or C.
  • STIR/SHAKEN certificate used to sign the call.

A companion website at https://test-shaken.sansay.cloud/ will display the certificate. If you need the full signature we are working on a private site that will allow for this. Please leave your comments below so we can better understand.

Try our alternate test numbers if you do not obtain the desired results:

  • +1-619-332-0002
  • +1-760-870-6007

For failure cases Sansay TAC can help take this test number a step further to pinpoint the possible issue. Failure cases troubleshooting is exclusive to Sansay customers.

Third Party Test Numbers

Feel free to comment below if you know of other DIDs that will help in a similar fashion.

  • Voxbeam: 302-257-7304. Reads out the attestation level.
  • Voxbeam: 202-539-1419. Reads out the attestation level.
  • Tmobile: 272-999-2654. Reads out attestion level and verification result. Only seems to work from TMobile numbers.
  • zipDX: if an identity header is received you will receive a 6-digit code back. You will use this 6-digit code to review the identity header results in the companion website.
    • 1-202-984-1661 (Bandwidth)
    • 1-425-400-5544 (Sinch)
    • 1-800-608-4005 (Verizon/MCI CIC 0222)
    • 1-800-608-4006 (Lumen/Level3 CIC 5102)
    • 1-800-608-4007 (Sinch/Iqnt CIC 0913)
    • Companion website (required: http://identity.legalcallsonly.org.)
  • ClearlyIP: +1 920 666 1392.