VSXi WebRTC webphone SDK 2.3.4

The VSXi WebRTC webphone SDK provides developers with a turnkey WebRTC-enabled softphone. The SDK provides code user interface elements and Javascript using JQuery.  The webphone SDK exposes lower level APIs that provides support for all functions needed to implement a full-feature, real-time communication application.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Easy-to-integrate design

  • Customizable appearance makes it easy to white-label the softphone.

  • Customizable buttons with that can trigger CFS features via feature codes (e.g. hold, park, call recording)

  • Support for the latest WebRTC standards

In conjunction with the VSXi, the webphone SDK supports the following features:

  • Session rehydration. Supports browser refreshes without disrupting the session.

  • IPv6 and IPv4 with support for seamless handovers (e.g. LTE to WiFi).

  • Registrar or Registration caching/offload.

  • Support for SSLKEYLOG to simplify troubleshooting  (signaling + media)